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frames, window mounts, paper, board and panel sizes

sizes as current mass produced picture frames' sizes and paper sizes

window mount and framing sizes to suit artwork paper sizes

: 15x20cm _ 20x15cm ___ Sixteenth Imperial or A6 or A5 size paper
: 20x25cm _ 25x20cm ___ Sixteenth Imperial or A5 size paper
: 25x30cm _ 30x25cm ___ Eighth Imperial, A5 or cropped A4 size paper
: 30x40cm _ 40x30cm ___ Quarter Imperial or cropped A3 or A4 size paper
: 40x50cm _ 50x40cm ___ Quarter Imperial or A3 size paper
: 50x60cm _ 60x50cm ___ Half Imperial or A2 size paper
: 50x70cm _ 70x50cm ___ Half Imperial or A2 size paper
: 60x80cm _ 80x60cm ___ Imperial or cropped A1 size paper
: 70x100cm _ 100x70cm ___ Double Elephant or A1 size paper

For ease of handling and transport in cars or small vans the 'poster size' frame at 70 cm x 100 cm or 100 cm x 70 cm is a recommended maximum picture frame size.

: golden-proportions ( ratio 1 : 1.618 )

window mounts sizes for monotypes links to two larger size illustrations of small monotypes below
: 8.6cm x14cm ( aprox. golden proportions ratio ) in window mount 15cm x 20cm and framed
: 14cm x 9.5cm in window mount 20cm x 15cm and framed

window mounts cutting plans
: 60cm x 80cm, with a 40cm x 50cm and a 25cm x 30cm
: 70cm x100cm, with a 50cm x 60cm, a 30cm x 40cm with a 15cm x 20cm and two at 20cm x 25cm
: 70cm x 100cm, with a 50cm x 70cm, 30cm x 40cm and a 15cm x 20cm

panels with fillet around and framed
: 40cm x 50cm, 50cm x 70cm and 60cm x 80cm,

window mounts sizes list
range of standard sizes with window mounts margins' measurements and links to illustrations

studio notes about practicable matters of standard sizes of stock and goods delivery

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