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  practical sizes for transportability of artworks

including __ : measurements for artwork mounted and framed 40cm x 50cm
: window mounts sizes list : : window mounts and framing notes
: step by step examples showing artwork sizes on Imperial and A1 size papers
: artwork on Quarter Imperial, A3 or 30cm x 40cm paper sizes, mounted and framed
: framed paintings on panels or canvases : size limits for artworks delivery as postal parcels
illustration below _ artwork mounted and framed at 60cm x 80cm as scale=5.875px/1cm

window dimensions _ 43cm x 64cm _ artwork dimensions - 45cm x 66cm _ on  A1 cropped to 59.4cm x 79.4 or Imperial size paper 56cm x 76cm

illustration below ___ of artwork size 45cm x 66cm _ on A1 size paper cropped ai 59.4cm x 79.4cm

artwork to mount and frame __ finished artwork at 45cm x 66cm on Imperial size paper at 56cm x 76cm or on cropped A1 size paper at 59.4cm x 79.4cm __ as 1cm larger all around than as to view when in window mount inner at 43cm 64cm

 artwork dimensions - 45cm x 66cm _ on  A1 size paper cropped to 59.4cm x 79.4cm

illustration below __ sizes to suit for portable goods delivery

40" X 45" pallet size _ fits 'hatch-back' car or larger vehicles for delivery of artworks in quantity

32" x 42" as car or small van delivery size __ such as 32" x 42" up to 5.75" thick as for a
Parcel Post maximum size limit of length + girth = 3 Metres ( =118" ) _ click for page down _ N.B. artworks on canvas
for example __ 300cm -107cm -82cm -14cm -82cm -14cm = 1cm within size limit.
(118" - 42" - 32" - 5.75" - 32" - 5.75" = 0.5" within maximum Parcel Post size limit )

grey colour represents backing sheet as for A1 size portfolio / browser sleeve __ artwork paper 56cm x 76cm face mounted on 59.4cm x 79.4cm mount material __ see as window mounted

 artwork dimensions - 45cm x 66cm _ on Imperial size paper 56cm x 76cm _  face mounted onto 60cm x 80cm material and placed wihin A1 size 59.3cm x 83.1 transparent display envelope for artworks in portfolio or browser display

_ artwork and mounts specifications below

specifications 'bench-mark key measurements' with reference to illustratiion above

40" X 45" as pallet size illustrated above as cyan colour background

32" x 42" (5.75" thick) as parcel post packaging box as grey-blue colour background

A1 size transparent envelope, grey colour backing, as for portfolio / browser display

59.4cm x 79.4cm cropped A1 cardboard

56cm x 76cm Imperial size paper as artwork support

45cm x 66cm artwork image size ( for window mounting at 43cm x 64cm)

N.B. __ A1 transparent envelope is just 0.3cm short at top, base and sides for nicely fitting for 'standard size framing' and window mounting at 60cm x 80cm

48 inches wide exhibition display screens are not an unusual size. These being 3 inches wider than the illustrated pallet size above. 60cm x 80cm window mounted and framed artwork on 48 inch width grey background is shown in illustration following notes below

illustration below ____ of artwork as framed and hung for sales exhibition__________________________

window dimensions _ 43cm x 64cm _ artwork dimensions - 45cm x 66cm _ on  A1 cropped to 59.4cm x 79.4 or Imperial size paper 56cm x 76cm

'At the beach'
Mixed media
4000 _cat.No.22

The exhibition organizer usually places a blue spot on an exhibition label of an artwork that a buyer has paid a deposit for purchase. A red spot is used to indicate that the artwork is sold.

supply and purchase terms and conditions __ sold as seen and/or sale or return 2 duplicate copies of goods delivery note / consignment note shows description of items, retail price; commission fee and any extras. Terms and conditions apply to those as agreed and include collection date for payment in full for items sold and for return / collection of unsold items. Then signed and dated with full names and addresses of the two parties and and this being an agreement recorded in writing.

see other examples of standard sizes of picture mounting and framing via links below

step by step examples
: showing artwork sizes on Imperial and cropped A1 size papers for 60x80cm framing as above
: illustration of a smaller painting Quarter Imperial, A3 size or 30cm x 40cm papers mounted and framed 40cm x 50cm

window mounts and framing sizes notes
: 15x20cm _ 20x15cm : : 20x25cm _ 25x20cm : : 25x30cm _ 30x25cm :
: 30x40cm _ 40x30cm : : 40x50cm _ 50x40cm : : 50x60cm _ 60x50cm :
: 50x70cm _ 70x50cm : : 60x80cm _ 80x60cm : : 70x100cm_100x70cm :

links below __ window mounts cutting plans and framing sizes lists

window mounts cutting plans
: 60cm x 80cm, with a 40cm x 50cm and a 25cm x 30cm
: 70cm x100cm, with a 50cm x 60cm, a 30cm x 40cm with a 15cm x 20cm and two at 20cm x 25cm
: 70cm x 100cm, with a 50cm x 70cm, 30cm x 40cm and a 15cm x 20cm

: Fibonacci ratio 1:1.618 image sizes suitable for certain sizes of standard sizes frames

window mounts sizes for limited edition numbered prints with margins' measurements notes
: 25cm x 30cm : : 30cm x 25cm : : 40cm x 50cm : : 50cm x 40cm : : 50cm x 40cm IKEA bold margins

window mounts sizes summary list : begining with links to cutting plans

Note well __ Artworks on canvas or panel, ready to hang for exhibition without glazing, travel well by Parcel Post

maximum size limit as length + girth =3 Metres (118")
e.g. __ 118" -42" (length) -32" -5.75" -32" -5.75" (girth) = 0.5" within maximum size limit

external packaging as 32 inches X 42 inches x 5.75 inches size as suitable for delivery by car or small van, for a package of 3 canvases at 28 inches x 38 inches as framed external 41 inches x 31 inches

__ 300cm -107cm -82cm -14cm -82cm -14cm = 1cm within size limit.

5KG to 10KG is a reasonably portable sort of luggage weight and preferable to greater weights

3 to 4 pieces of standard sizes of framed artworks, packed for portability in cardboard boxes are easier to handle than are several sorts of individually wrapped items.

paintings on panels or canvases frames' sizes

Most of these pages may be copied as printouts on A4 portait format paper at print margins set at 1cm all around and at View Text Size Smallest

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