<home cropped A3 size paper as 29.7cm x 39.7cm
artwork size 25cm x 36cm
for mount window 23.3cm x 34cm , as for having 1cm overlap margins

compare with painting on Quarter-Imperial size paper
and with painting on 30cm x 40cm size paper

: see also __ painting mounted 40cm x 50cm , with measurements

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illustration scale=10px/1cm

artwork size 1cm extra all around as at 
25m x 36cm 
on cropped A3 paper as 
29.7cm x 39.7cm

illustration scale=10px/cm showing ___ painting with margins top and base as 1.7cm and sides margins as 1.3cm, on cropped A3 paper size 29.7cm x 39.7cm

one may as well make the artwork to the full size cropped A3 without white paper margins, while being sure for well composed pictorial space within around 2cm of the paper edges for 24.3cm x 35cm area of artwork to view after window mounting

: prints-window-mounts-sizes-notes

: limited edition print window mounted 40cm x 50cm and framed

: paintings and monotype artworks window mounted 40cm x 50cm and 50cm x 40cm

: paintings on canvas __ sizes ranging from 35.6cm x 48.3cm (14"x 19") to 96.6 x 173 cms (38"x 68")

: window mounts sizes list

: window mounts, frames and paper sizes notes

: studio notes practical transport matters

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