<home 30cm x 40cm size paper
artwork size 25.3cm x 36
for mount window 23.3cm x 34cm , as for having 1cm overlap margins

compare with painting on cropped A3 size paper
and with painting on Quarter-Imperial size paper

: see also __ painting mounted 40cm x 50cm , with measurements

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illustration scale=10px/1cm

artwork size 1cm extra to inner window mount for overlap all around as at 
25.3cm x 36cm 
on 30cm x 40cm paper size

illustration scale=10px/cm showing ___ painting on 30cm x 40cm paper size with unpainted paper sides margins 2 and top and base margin as 2.3cm

: prints-window-mounts-sizes-notes

: limited edition print window mounted 40cm x 50cm and framed

: paintings and monotype artworks window mounted 40cm x 50cm and 50cm x 40cm

: paintings on canvas __ sizes ranging from 35.6cm x 48.3cm (14"x 19") to 96.6 x 173 cms (38"x 68")

: window mounts sizes for standard sizes frames

: window mounts, frames and paper sizes notes

: studio notes practical transportability matters

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