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cultural exchange events studio workshops and education __ especially generating compositions by mono-print-plus techniques for all who may be interested in exploring notions of originality.

artwork dimensions to suit paper sizes for 40cm x 50cm framing   30cm x 40cms   cropped A3   and Quarter Imperial

window mounts, frames and paper sizes notes ___ list of standard frames sizes and notes of suitable papers sizes to suit various standard sizes of window mounts and frames.

window mounts sizes for standard sizes frames ___ list of frames sizes and window mounts sizes with mount margins measurements.
(studio-notes-extras publication on CD has higher resolution illustrations and links to 'archive original' image.jpg Files)
click here for small size framing example and click here for another example showing measurements

window mounts cutting plans _____ diagrams with links to illustrated examples with measurements notes for window mounts according with some 'standard' frames sizes. Cuttings from mount board material 81cm x 111cm

paintings on panels or canvases frames' sizes _____ illustrated examples with measurements notes for framing finished artworks according with some 'standard' frames sizes with fillet inserts

monotype-recipe ___ monotype + multimedia = compositions ___ for generating compositions by way of autographic monotype methods with added painting and drawing. Possibly with a view to photographic and digital developments, amongst other things.

pastels and mixed media __ use of pastel colours together with extender base medium affords plasticity in colour material for painting manipulations effects and permanantly 'fixes' the structure of the artwork when finished and dry.

wash, scumble, impasto and sgraffito __ some painting methods and effects __ illustrated example of colour material manipulations _ with 'hot spots' clickon links to enlargements for magnified detail views of painting methods effects and descriptive text notes explaining methods and materials.
Including archive original image.jpg File 1.33MB from acrylic painting 'After the Picnic'.
____ detail sections and picture view by way of 6 Files sizes from 251KB to 329KB
and another for magnified details views as archive original image.jpg File 1,372KB
Total content around 3.04MB _ 19 Files _ 2 Folders

paint-box colours tea-cloth educational graphics design

periodic table of chemical elements tea-cloth educational graphics _____
with acknowledgements for illustrations to Newlands schema in 1863/64, Mendeleev schema in 1869, et.al with notes, web-links for extensive information and to hear Tom Lehrer CHEMISTRY elements song.

resources references __ artists, art galleries, public collections, materials suppliers and a selection of visual arts websites

bibliography __ books and other publications with several short quotes and original sources publication information

small diary to print __ wallet size when folded measures 14.9cm x 7.1cm, for short entries

practical sizes for transportability of artworks _____
illustrated examples with specifications measurements notes about preparing artwork for show with a view to sales exhibition ____ size limits for transport as postal packages or delivery by small van or car

point of sale display A4 and A3 portfolios ___ of transparent packets of small size original artworks for sale, as for later mounting and framing.
A4 portfolio _____
20cm x 25cm and 25cm x 20cm
A3 portfolio _____
25cm x 30cm and 30cm x 25cm
30cm x 40cm and 40cm x30cm
Example of text for inside cover of portfolios

other publications  

projector colour lighting and grids __ useful for such as background and spot lighting as plain white or colour _ grids as 'viewing frames' for figuring out relative proportions and for projected grid pattern.
Lighting by projector provides most 'dramatic' effects. In subdued lighting a monitor screen can provide 'colour lighting' enhancement when situated close to such as 'still life' or 'head and shoulders portrait' subject matter.

random numbers software MS2__RAND-5X9 Spreadsheet format for generating 5 x 9 grid sets of 5 columns of numbers 1 to 9. _ also random colour series and tone values. Sutable for two, three and four dimensions applications.
Rather interesting graphic effects when numbers sets are transcribed via Microsoft Office software as RADAR charts.
see illustration 'LUCKY NUMBERS' at top right '=0v0=wizebird unreal news' web-page

figuring it out _ lines and colours _____ examples of colour lighting effects for 'spot-light' by projector or for side lighting ( dramatic portraitures, still-life etc. ) or by computer monitor screen placed closely adjacent to subject matter for soft side-lighting ____ range of colours, horizontal numbered lines for comparative measurements estimations, rectangular lighting 'viewing frames' as for artworks proportions to suit 'standard sizes' of picture frames in landscape and portrait formats and several other items concerning observations and reconnaissance ____ 150KB

N.B. all above for academic uses and purposes exclusively __ credit where credit is due
Original artist's copyrights apply except by mutual benefit arrangement

Archive Files available by way of e-mail Attachments
at agreeable prices by arrangement by telephone.

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