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art galleries, public collections, materials suppliers and a selection of visual arts websites
the following small selection is mostly of resources and suppliers to be found in England, for other regions of British Isles and elsewhere make search by Internet Search Engine

"...a notional construction that one may place on any matter seems to me to be partly dependant upon points of view and points of reference and partly other things.
__ Stephen Court _ 2007


see art galleriesfor good ideas such as at The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN
for seeing work by such artists as J.W.M. Turner and other painters' original artworks, for closely viewing dynamics of space compositions and 'colours within colours' methods and clues about notions and techniques.
Also see other collections such as Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1P 4RG
and Tate Mosern, Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG

Most art galleries are agreeable for the student to view how a film of colour has been applied over others. Look for methods and tool marks. View if possible by way of hand-held stereoscopic magnification binoculars or magnifying glass. View from oblique angles to left or right to observe 'texture' effects of different thicknesses of layers of colour over colour.

It may be well worthwhile to enquire of the Keeper of Art, Senior Curator or Art Gallery / Museum Director as to possibilities to see such as prints, drawings or paintings that may not be on permanent exhibition by making special viewing arrangements.

The British Museum, Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG has an extensive collection of prints, drawings and paintings. Some may be sample viewed via Internet World Wide Web. ___ Possibly view original artworks by arrangements.

Galleries Magazine ______ www.galleries.co.uk/ by Barrington Publications is an exemplar amongst trade directories as for current intelligence about art gallery exhibitions

__ see www items below ____ or page up

list of some 'instant' www links

suggested for 'starters' _ then explore


___ 'Galleries Magazine' by Barrington Publications, monthly hard-copy journal and listings of art galleries sales exhibitions in Great Britain and web version. Barrington also publishes a magazine about art galleries' exhibitions in France

___ critical and reviews journal published by David Lee

___ The New Scientist for new ideas

The Artists Newsletter _ An informative monthly artists newsletters with features, interviews, articles, tips & all the latest art news

public art galleries and musuems

www.tate.org.uk/ ___ Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate St. Ives

___ for research about pre 1900 European Continental visual arts

___ National Portrait Gallery _ as above and papers to read

British Museum __ prints, monotypes, drawings, watercolours etc. ___ see also for any names for cross reference artists in other media archives as for comparative media considerations

___ Huddersfield Art Gallery _ see illustration of painting technique of Francis Bacon

www.wakefield.gov.uk/Culture ___ Wakefield City Art Gallery _ see illustration of print technique of Henry Moore __ and print loans collection

art galleries and dealers

__ selection of paintins, drawings and original prints __ international and especially works by artists throughout Australasia

___ Belgrave Gallery _ selection of paintings, drawings and original prints __ international

___ art gallery exhibitions ___ international and especially works by artists throughout Africa and parts of Asia


___ Printmakng Today _ specialist journal about printmaking
___ examples of various printmaking methods, especially note distinctions between monoprint and monotype

www.wypw.org/home.html ___ West Yorkshire Print Workshop

___ Bankside Gallery __ Printmakers Council

__ page up

world wide web 'picture library' references

__ illustrated catalogues publications of art in public collections in the British Isles, volumes by Regions and media.

'Internet search engines' may sort and show hyperlinks to information via 'keywords' such as printmaking _ images _ 'monoprint' __ or alternatively 'monotype' __ worthwhile generally but this is better qualified by 'images' __ sort by 'seeming relevance' to taste. Note typographic distinction/s with regards to 'Monotype' as in Risca Type Founders and 'monotype' as in 'monoprint' for generating compositions as unique and singular artworks. See nice definition of terminological distinctions as described in section within www.monoprints.com
___ a most excellant web-site about all sorts of printmaking with a section about several and various monotype / monoprint techniques

see web sites for sample view images published by Art Auctions firms _ who afford access to the public much from private collections

see also Universities _ for art collections, exhibitions, images, text material and archive research documents

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Materials, tools, sundries and services supplies

in some instances also for some relevant technical information

www.rosemaryandco.com /
Rosemary & Co of Skipton, England supply paint brushes of all sorts, including hand-made and custom hand-made to order. Mail orders a speciality. Telephone (uk) 01553 600 900 __ e-mail: rosemary@rosemaryandco.com .

___ Daler-Rowney Ltd Bracknel, Berkshire_____ suppliers visual arts materials such as 'SYSTEM 3 PRINTING MEDIUM' which affords a water soluble 'extender medium' as a transparent paint/ink vehicle of excellent plasticity properties. Also suppliers of 'SYSTEM 3 ACRYLIC PAINTS'

___ Sericol Ltd. screen process printing materials and equipment
telephone (uk) 0 1843 866 668 __ postal via Sericol Ltd., Pysons Road, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 3LE
For those using 'oil-base and spirits solvents' methods the extender base medium for screen process printing from Sericol ( catalogue code TN 396 ) is compatible with oil paints and some 'motor vehicle retouch colours' from handy spray canisters. ( sfumato followed by sgraffito, scratch, scrape and scumble colour material manipulations )

___ Specialist Crafts for artists materials, tackle. tools and sundries _ mail orders supply conditions

___ T N Lawrence & Son Ltd. artist-printmakers materials and equipments suppliers _ also postal via Lawrence & Son, REDRUTH, Cornwall

___ Intaglio Printmakers, Southwalk, LONDON__ all sorts of things including 'water base' intaglio printing inks

___ Jewson Builders Merchants for construction industry standard PVA, such as 'Renderbond' as painting and monotype colour material extender medium

www.conservation-by-design . co.uk/
___ Conservation by Design __ for museum and art gallery archive conservation standard EVA as painting and monotype colour material extender medium

___ R. J. Stokes & Co Ltd. of London Road, Sheffield, England _ for paints _ courier delivery service _ trading as Stokes Paints, one of the countries most well established paint manufacturers, a family firm that can trace its roots back over four generations to the 1800ís.

___ Whaleys(Bradford)Ltd. _ for paintiing canvas and an extensive range of other textiles _ visit to buy at Harris Court Bradford or order by phone according with sample swatch specification, then courier delivered on clearance of payment

___ Two Rivers Papers for handmade papers of rag pulp _____ paper mill and sales department situated near Watchet in Somerset

www.hahnemuehle.com/ site/en/
___ Hahnemuehle __ ( cockeral watermark ) ___ 'copperplate' mould-made rag pulp as a 'not'; 'semi rough'; and some fine 'smooth' heavy and light weight papers. Also inkjet and laser-print papers and a rather good 'watercolour block' at 30cm x 40cm, as for finished artwork and as a handy size for when away from studio. A suitable size for window mounting and framing at 40cm x 50cm
___ see www.stephencourt.com/ window-mounts/

___ waxes and colouring materials as in 'encaustic'

www.ian-gracey-photographic -artist.co.uk/
___ Ian Gracey photographic artist and photography of others' artworks for supply of Image Files for reproduction purposes, to suit hard copy, JPEG etc. for webpages
___ see www.stephencourt.com/ pastels-2009/

Staples, office supplies___ for such as laserprint photocopy papers, acetate plastic sheet A4 size, transparent plastic pockets A4 and A3 sizes, starch paste 'prit-sticks', permanent marker pens, packaging tape, pencils, erasers, paper and other office/studio tools and materials etc. ______ 'local outlet' or courier delivery

Strand Lighting _ multi-media supplies. Equipment and materials, light projection and sound, smaller setups and big rigs.

www.royalmail.co.uk/ portal/rm British Postal Services _ see also reference in studio-notes-extras-list
__ specifications section about portable artworks

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your usual suppliers of various merchandise

locations as such as high street, shopping centre, industrial estate, retail park etc.

Painters and Decorators Merchants ______ for some colour materials, tools and tackle including 'polycel' cellulose wallpaper paste or similar extender base media

Builders' Merchants ______ for P.V.A. and thin black corex as used to separate stacks and packs of building blocks for re-use adapted to use for artworks packing and portfolios, also other sundries

Timber Merchants ______ for M.D.F. panel material, timbers and hardware items

Chemist/Pharmacy/Dry-Salters ____ for gum arabic, as used by Thomas Gainsborourgh or alternatively gum tragacanth

___ also glycerine to grind in as extender of such as a 'dried up and lumpy' or 'beyond use by date' water soluble block-print inks ( but very little ) and for 'liquid-light-shows' ( with pale olive oil and cake icing colours or artists' colour inks between glass 35 mm or 120 format transparency slides or microscope with digital imaging camera output via projector/s ____

Floristry Shop ___ for transparent polyester film material as used for presentation wrapping of larger bouquets ___ for artists use in 'cellophane wrapping' of mounted prints or as temporary table top cover for a monotype printing session.

'Standard sizes' picture frames may be found from retailers such as Heals, Habitat and IKEA. It is well to look at mass produced frames rather closely to select for purchase only those that are without knots or dents, without wood grain miss matches and see that corners joints are neat and firmly joining. A firm that trades as picture framers is best for best.

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education and cultural exchange

studio-workshops events and study courses towards formal assessment and degree qualifications.

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Art galleries

List of some 'instant' www links

World Wide Web 'picture library' references

Materials, tools, sundries and supplies

Your usual suppliers of various merchandise

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