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pastel and mixed media
drawing with pastel stick onto moistend artwork support as paper, canvas or panel will afford scope for manipulation of drawn marks by following brushwork, wiping or scraping to adjust the artwork composition.

A broad fitch or fan brush, scraper or other improvised tool, well loaded with extender base medium, such as Gum Arabic, Wallpaper Paste, P.V.A., E.V.A., Screen Print Extender Base Medium, may be used to work into and modify the pastel drawn marks.
    Linear drawn marks may be 'drawn' out from lines as for areas of colour of various density by 'pulling out' shapes and 'forms' within the space composition of the artwork.

Extender base medium together with pastel colour affords possibilities of colour material plasticity.

Occasionally a fine spray application of water will retain a moist working surface.

When the artwork is completed and dry, then the extender base medium permanantly 'fixes' the colour material.

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