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Moorland nocturnal, acrylic on canvas, 22cm x 102cm Inlets and landings, 2004 Across five fields, acrylic on canvas Strata_2003 - pva on canvas Ever so happy - pva on canvas -
Moorland nocturnal Inlets and landings Across five fields Sea,woods and fields Colours of Spring

Besides a Lakeside, acrylic on canvas Between Sea and ountains, acrylic on canvas - Between tides, acrylic on canvas Traverse, acrylic on canvas Across three fields
Besides a Lakeside Between sea & mountains Between tides Traverse Across three fields

Bilberry Hill - pva on canvas - 1 Coastal Meadows - pva on canvas - Coppice - pva on canvas - Strata_2003 - pva on canvas Ever so happy - pva on canvas -
Bilberry Hill Coastal Meadows Coppice Strata Ever so happy

Levels - pva on canvas - right way up -1 Meadows & Woods  -pva on canvas Ditch and wall tell all _ 2004 _ pva on canvas Prospects of plenty - acrylic on canvas 
  Lakeside Quarry,  
   acrylic on canvas,  

   71.2 x 48.3 cms 
    (28 x 19 inches)  
   for sale 350  
Levels Meadows & Woods Ditch and wall tell all Prospects of plenty Quarry lakeside

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