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studio tel: (uk)
0 1484 686 272
tel: (international)
00 44 1484 686 272

messages may be left as
recorded message if need be

e-mail by arrangement
( on four wise monkeys' terms )

postal to
Stephen Court
61 Dunford Road
West Yorkshire
England _ UK (GB)

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Paintings in oil paint, acrylics, watercolour. On canvas, panel, paper and on walls. Abstract, imaginary landscape, portrait, mural, installation, environmental, graphics and printmaking. Multi-media and digital applications, interior, exterior, sculpture, environmental installations . Sales and supply via exhibitions, commissions and cultural exchange.

   the construction that one places     
   on any matter tends to be partly   
   dependent upon points of view  
   and points of reference __    
   and partly other things  

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