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  ... In working up images by drawing on his experience of life and his technical expertise he takes care to leave a magical space, which is an invitation to the viewer to draw upon his or her own experience to interact and share ... an extract from the Wakefield City Art Gallery 1995 catalogue for solo exhibition introduction text by Marian Scott, (artist and writer) Newcastle-upon-Tynne, September 1995

His artworks are in the municipal collections of Huddersfield Art Gallery, Kirklees Metropolitan Council Collection and at the Wakefield City Art Gallery.   Corporate owners include The Open College of the Arts Barnsley, Paintings in Hospitals Loans Collection London, Wraydent Engineering Hereford, The Elbow Room Birmingham, Wetherspoons Fleetwood, others are in corporate and private ownership in Britain and overseas.

artist's statement
"...a notional construction that one may place on any matter, seems to me to be partly dependant upon points of view, points of reference and partly other things besides."   My concerns are mostly about looking, seeing, showing and sharing.   The arts seem to me to be much about constructions about amazing coincidences. Visual arts affords scope for work in play about notions and emotions.   Which is where the looking comes in.   The eye of the imagination conjectures compositions, develops notions with and from graphic gestures, as language in a culture, not so much by illusion but rather by allusion.   The seeing and showing is in the moment of making artwork . . . "

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         selected show items

    ROYAL BIRMINGHAM SOCIETY OF ARTISTS 1968, annual exhibition, painting, second prize award.
    LIGHT SHOW WITH BIG BEAR BANDS show-case concert at Aston Polytechnic 1969
    HOLMFIRTH ARTWEEK and fringe exhibitions from 1989
    COOPER GALLERY BARNSLEY South Yorkshire Open Exhibition, 2008, painting, first prize award.
    COSMOPOLIS GROUP , ROCCARASO 6 Aug - 6 Sept 2009 and later at POPOLI __2010 Societa Dante Alighieri Awards for International Culture, for Visual Arts

    Works by the late Ron Russel and Denis Bowen and recent works by Nino Spallone, Pindaros Michaeledes and Stephen Court

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  Stephen Court in his studio at
   Holmfirth in 2006   
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   Copyright 2006  Mike Antoni
    detail from photograph courtesy Copyright 2006 Mike Antoni

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