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A design may be made in paints or printing inks mixed with much extender medium on a polished surface, then a piece of paper is placed on top of the design and then by lightly pressing all over the back of the paper the design is transposed onto the paper.

Extender base medium affords plasticity and 'stickiness' of colour material. Screen process print extender base medium, stand oil wll act as extender base medium with oil paints.

    For water-base pants and printing inks one may use water-base screen process print extender base medium, wallpaper paste, P.V.A or E.V.A.

A plastic scraper blade may be used to make the painted design by wiping on colour and scraping to adjust the artwork composition.

Linear drawn marks may be 'drawn' out as for areas of colour.   Transparent colours when applied thickly have deep tone and very pale tone tint when applied as thin colour films.

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