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illustration scale 13.3px / 1cm

    artwork to view as mounted 14cm x 9.6cm        

    __  artwork on A6 size paper  14.8cm x 10.5cm,      
    mount overlap as 0.4cm top     
    and base and sides as 0.45cm   

inner window mount margins as top and sides margins 5.2cm and base margin as 5.8cm,
for artwork area to view as 14cm x 9.6cm [ 1:1.6857142 ]

mount overlap artwork as 0.4cm top and base and sides as 0.45cm

outer window mount margins top and sides margins 4.2cm and base margin at 4.8cm,
for 16cm x 11.6cm window,
for 1cm margins between outer and inner mount windows

: landscape format inner mount window 8.6cm x 14cm as for framing size 20cm x 25cm
: monotype 14cm x 9.6cm window mounted and framed 20cm x 15cm
: artwork window-mounted and framed at 40cm x 50cm _ plus measurements notes
: window mounts sizes list with measurements
: studio notes extras list

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